Almighty 4 Reviews

Almighty Four is a way for ordinary people to make supplemental income by placing weekly bets. By placing weekly bets on a variety of races you can gamble your money with the potential to win a lot.

While you can win large amounts with doubles and triples you can win even more with the Lucky 15. Almighty Four allows you the chance to enter your bets on races, including flat, NH, Irish, and festivals.

Almighty 4 is played Wednesday through Saturday. Unlike other casinos where you have to visit the casino to place your bets and play to win large amounts of money, the creators of this site send your bets via email each morning before races. The emails allow you to enter bets early with the chance to increase your profits.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The creator of Almighty 4 was just an ordinary person, like you, trying to make a little extra money to supplement his income and have a little extra cash to spend.

Steven Gayle, the creator of Almighty Four, created this site in the United Kingdom to give himself and others the chance to win money.

By staying out of the casinos and under the bookies' radar he was able to win money and keep the profits all for himself and his followers.

What Is Included In The Program?

For the 12-week trial basis program, which starts at 39.95, you get a betting account and daily emails from us about upcoming races.

The emails and suggestions are sent from the creator of the site as well as other experienced gamblers. They provide their members with knowledge and experience to help them win big in a variety of different races.

Placing bets with Almighty 4 allows you to have increased peace of mind knowing what the favorites are, how to place bets, and what the return on your investment can be.

How Does It Work? Is It A Scam?

Almighty 4 is not a scam and many people have already won a lot of money. While winning the jackpot may be hard to come by, like any bet, many people have won hundreds and thousands while using this site.

To start betting with Almighty 4 you need to have a working betting account and 39.95 to enroll in the 12-week trial basis. Spots are limited to 30 members at a time so it is crucial that you sign up early to ensure that you have a spot.

Once you have a spot in the 12-week trial basis you will receive emails from experienced gamblers about the best picks for the week.

They can provide you with guidance in your bets to help you win. While you may not win on your very first bet, patience does pay off.

Since it is a 12-week program you have a lot of time to keep placing bets and winning. The picks by the professionals can help you win consistently.

If you are ready to start playing and want the chance to win some extra money you can visit their site at

Pros Of Almighty Four

  1. Small Investment to Win Big: For only 39.95 you can enter their 12-week trial basis to reap the rewards of this unique betting opportunity.
  2. Multiple Chances To Win: This site allows its member to play nightly from Wednesday to Saturday.
  3. Multiple Races To Bet On: No races are off limits with this site. You can bet on the races you want to and hopefully win money.
  4. Emails From Professionals: This site is great for beginners because you receive emails each morning from professional gamblers, as well as the creator of the site. They can provide you with guidance on what races to bet on and what you should bet on each race.
  5. Small Number of Members: This site only allows 30 members at a time on the 12-week trial basis so you can be comforted by the fact that if you need help you can get it.
  6. Established Site: It can be risky to place bets with unestablished sites, however, Almighty is an established site with proven results. They have personal testimonials from various users that can testify to the payouts they have won.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for this site is anyone looking to win a little extra cash. If you are patient and willing to commit to a 12 week trial period this site is ideal for you.

If you have a little extra money to spend and are looking for ways to increase its value you can start by securing one of the thirty spots available.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gambler there is something for everyone on this site. From advice for placing bets to the support of other gamblers, you can feel comforted by the fact that you are not alone. Many of the members all win and lose together making the game a lot more fun.

Does The Program Work?

The product name, Almighty Four, is the ideal name because on this site you can place four bets. When these four bets all add up to the Lucky 15 you have the chance to win life-changing money.

While the jackpot does not happen very often, this site gives you the chance to win some parts of the four bets you place. The four individual bets you place include doubles, triples, singles, and four-fold.

This betting strategy allows you to win individual bets but still put you in the running for potentially winning the Lucky 15.


If you are looking for the chance to win small amounts over time or a large amount at once this site is the perfect place for you!

It allows 30 members to enter a 12-week trial basis to see how the site works with the ability to become a full-time member.

The site has personal testimonials from current members who have won large amounts and even small amounts across various weeks.

This is the ultimate gaming place because it provides you with advice, multiple chances to win, and a community atmosphere.

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