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Auto Lotto Processor Reviews

Nobody wants to be in time prison, constantly being driven crazy by taxes and mortgages. Everyone wants to be financially free.

Everyone would want to get filthy rich and stack money in the bank and lead that life they always fantasize about.

Different people choose different methods to achieve this goal while others choose to earn a decent living from the lottery.

People world over have made ridiculous amounts of money from the lottery and are living large out of that. Ready to know how it feels to be a winner?

Want to taste the experience of realizing huge returns from the lottery? Are you prepared to become a constant winner?

Auto Lotto Processor, designed by Richard Lustig, is a software created to help you decrypt the lotto code, hence setting you on a path to wealth.

This software points you to the right course of winning more and more as u keep using it. It's a tested software and many users have already used it, and to their amusement, have walked home with lots of cash, ultimately changing their lives.

Auto Lotto Processor, as the name suggests, is automated software for lottery winning that is coded based on statistical analysis, mathematical formulas, research and probability formulas to help in breaking the lotto code which finally assists you to discover how to win. It’s a product of five experts in statistical analysis, three computer scientist and four experts in sophisticated game theories, hence making it the software to go for.

This program utilizes various parameters in its operation which adds some new principles of probability into the whole system. Auto Lotto Processor is the way to go.

The Creator

Auto Lotto Processor was invented by Richard Lusting. Over a period of seventeen years (1993-2010), he won considerable prizes in lottery games sponsored by seven different states.

He has made well over 1 million dollars from these winnings, two of which were in form of holidays rather than cash prizes. He has appeared in many shows and in CNN Money financial website.

What is included in the program?

The program basically uses mathematical and probability principles to break the lotto code. It also runs the codes of the previous winnings and uses these to decipher the winning code.

How does it work?

Auto Lotto Processor uses a combination of mathematical formulas and statistical data to decode the lottery.

It puts together all the relevant data in the past and then following the coded formulas, automatically compares it to the latest winning of the lotto. This lottery system mechanically enters all the information into the proprietary pc algorithmic rule developed by a team of specialists.

It will automatically run more than 126,000 variables simultaneously.

This automatically program scrutinizes the system for possible winning combinations. During that very moment, the numbers follow the coded algorithm rules and at the end, you are presented the number combination that wins the lottery game.

This execution of mathematical operations and analysis of statistical data reduces randomness significantly hence strengthening your probability of winning.

Auto Lotto Processor draws data from all lotteries around the world, making you a possible monthly winner, or even a couple of times winner per month.

Is it a scam?

Auto Lotto Processor is not a scam. It has actually worked for many users so far and it can work for you. It is built on tasted mathematical and probability formulas and data analysis with a team of specialists behind it.

Its creator is a well renowned seven-time lottery winner. This is the best software for you. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or not, it equips you with the necessary technical skills to indulge in the lottery and win major prizes.

With Auto Lotto Processor, the strategy is very simple to grasp and follow. Its flexibility is also quite striking since one can use is for whatever spans of time you desire.

But for beginners, it is advisable to get in for a couple of hours a day just to get used to lottery trading.


  • The software is user-friendly. That is, it has a simple interface which makes it simple and fun to use.
  • If you lack a tablet, don't worry, you can use it on a smartphone too.
  • It unlocks the mystery of consistent winning of lottery
  • You just need to sit back and have the software perform all the tasks for you.
  • It uses mathematical functions and probability formulas to break the lottery combinations hence significantly reducing randomness.
  • It comes with a 95% accuracy
  • It is 100% legal
  • No previous experience with lottery trading is required.
  • It offers you with the chance to learn as you trade.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

Anyone above the legal age for lottery trading in your state is an ideal candidate for Auto Lotto Processor. You do not require any knowledge or experience in lottery trading whatsoever.

You just need an internet connection and a tablet or a smartphone and you can start.

Does the product work?

Yes, Auto Lotto Processor works with more than 95% chances of right results. That gives you a 95% chance of winning and becoming wealthy.

Plus, its algorithm is designed in a manner that it reduces guesswork and increases specificity hence making it the safest software to use.

It is tested and proved software. Many users have already used it for positive outcomes. You just need to use it consistently to keep increasing your chances of winning.


Finally, I would wish to suggest Auto Lotto Processor to anyone who is interested in the lottery. It offers a very high consistency in winning, which works to your gain.

It also keeps a memory of all the winning and losing combination, which it uses to decrypt its next lottery code. The software is 100% legal and safe and gives you a 95% possibility of making a worthwhile profit every time you use it.

In case you are not satisfied, you can always have a refund, which is 100% guaranteed. Auto Lotto processor is your key to great riches.

Talk big, talk Auto Lotto.