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The Bet Alchemist Service is a betting service designed to make sure that you always bet on only the best of the best horses in the races at the Cheltenham Festival, which is one of the biggest horse races in the United Kingdom coming in second only to the Grand National races.

This festival brings in the best racers from around British and Ireland that are trained to race in an event that is as extensive as this one: a race such as is this rare during the rest of the horse racing season.

Using the Bet Alchemist Service you can be sure that you are going to be betting on a safe horse and walking out of the race with profits in your pocket.

Who is The Founder and Author of This Site?

On December of 2012, the Bet Alchemist Service went public under the direction of the man who founded the services, Nick Doyle.

Nick started providing the services for people to bet on horses in this race by spending many years studying races and using analysis on the horse's form and using race replays.

It takes him a lot of time and effort to use all of his information on the races and gather accurately predicted outcomes of each horse so that the outcomes are as precise as possible.

Though this method is the most time consuming, it is also the most profitable way to make bets for long-term results.

The top races that Nick Doyle, the Bet Alchemist, analyzes are the Class 2 handicaps and Grade 1 races. They are typically run every weekend as well as at festivals, so he can gather a lot of information which ensures a favorable liquidity outcome.

He also does not pick, study, and analyze run of the mill horses, he only picks the horses with the best price in a race and the ones who have the best chance of winning.

As he put it, it is all about putting in a bet at a good value, not always looking for the most likely winner.

What is Included in The Bet Alchemist Service program?

With this program, you are guaranteed to get value prices. Bet Alchemist Services only have horse selections at value prices, they do not go with the favorites of the season.

The prices of winning horses range from 4 to 1 all the way to 66 to 1. Their services offer the best record at the biggest horse festival, the Cheltenham.

The last festival their accuracy numbers were through the roof which left the betting winners walking away with a great pocketed profit.

The Bet Alchemist also includes high market liquidity which targets the best high-class races every weekend they are held and during festivals as well.

The advised prices are available to everyone that is a member of the Service, and they are available not disappearing during the week at lower class races.

The Alchemist Service is run by professionals so that members who want to take their betting to the next level can be sure that they are in good hands.

Included in the services is form analysis that is backed by founder Nicky himself. He backs all of the advised selections on the site and he is 100% set on his analysis.

He aims to make a profit for every user of the service. He makes it his job to make sure that everyone makes long-term profits by going over every race and analyzing it bit by bit so the outcome is almost guaranteed.

How Does This Service Work?

The Cheltenham Festival begins in just a matter of days, and you want to be a member of the Bet Alchemist Service before it begins.

You can become a member in no time and be one of the people that makes a profit on one of the biggest horse racing festivals in all of the United Kingdom. There are several ways to become a member of the Alchemist Service.

You can pay 39 pounds every month for a month to month membership. This will cover the top class races, make sure you have Value backing for your best, and deliver a service that has been proven to be profitable.

It also comes with a 30-day guarantee so that if you do not make a profit within 30 days, you get your money back.

If you want a Semi-annual plan, there is the option to pay 150 pounds every six months which will actually save you some money because that comes out to 25 pounds per month.

With this service, you are guaranteed a simple, fast, and effective way to make your bets on a race. You receive everything that comes with the month to month membership including the 30-day guarantee where you can cancel your membership and get your money back if you do not make a profit within 30 days.

Finally, you can become a member of the Bet Alchemist Service with the quarterly plan in which you pay 79 pounds a quarter.

This comes out to just 26.33 pounds every month which saves you money. You will receive the Value backing service, proven profitable service, Superfast wifi, and the 30-day guarantee that comes with the other memberships as well.

Is This Site a Scam?

This is a very transparent website that went public and has been in service for nearly 6 and a half years. All of the information is up front and it has a number to call that will give you even more information if you need it.

Hundreds of people who have used this service have come out with profits which points to the site being absolutely legit and not a scam at all.

Who is This For, Does it Work, and would I recommend it?

This service is for anyone who wants to make a bet on the Cheltenham Festival races and wants an almost certain guarantee that they will leave the festival with a profit.

It is user-friendly enough that people who have never made a bet before can walk away successful and accurate enough that people who often make bets can put up some pretty high stakes and feel pretty good about the outcome.

There is no denying that the service works and gives most people the outcome they desire. The research and analysis that goes into it make me believe that it is a service well worth the money.

I would put my money on the Bet Alchemist and recommend it for anyone betting on the festival: novice or pro.

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