BET KING Selection Secrets Reviews

Bet King Selection Secrets is a subscription based horse betting service based out of Newport, Wales. Unlike other betting tip services, Bet King Selection Secrets does not promise an unrealistic win rate just that its picks win enough to make consistent profit for its subscribers.

Subscribers receive tips or suggestions on horse races around the world every day. They then make their bets based on the tips given by Bet King Selection Secrets and look to profit on daily, weekly, and yearly basis.

Bet King Selection Services does not reveal how they have come up with a winning system, just that the system has consistently worked for the inventor named Alex for years.

Who Created Bet King Selection Secrets?

The creator of Bet King Selection Secrets is Paul Fellows a 37 year old plasterer from Newport, Wales who has enjoyed betting on the horses his entire adult life.

Through work Paul met Alex an older man who also liked betting on horses but, unlike Paul, Alex actually made money at the track. One day, Alex told Paul he was retiring from his job as joiner and moving to Spain with his wife.

On the day of his departure, Alex handed Paul an envelope and inside was his “secret”. What was the secret? It was his system to betting horses.

The system Alex had used for years to now retire on a joiner's salary before the age of 60 to beautiful Spain. Paul studied the system and tested it rigorously at the track.

Paul started to win consistently. Now, Paul has decided to share the system with a few select horse racing enthusiasts who want to win

What do Subscribers to Bet Kings Selection Secrets Receive?

Subscribers to Bet King Selection Secrets receive Paul Fellows system to picking winners at the track. In addition to receiving the system, subscribers will also receive two free horse racing picks per day from Paul.

Paul was concerned that Bet King Selection Secrets would be viewed as yet another gambling secret system scam, so he initially offered Bet King Selection Secrets to a few select people on Facebook for free.

Paul wanted other people to test the product and see if it worked for them. Bet King Selection Services features a number of testimonials from very happy test subscribers who were successful betting while using Paul's system.

Is Bet Kings Selection Secrets a Scam? How do I Sign up?

Getting started with Bet King Selection Secrets is simple; all you will need is an email address and a credit card.

Simply sign up with Bet King Selection Secrets with your email address, pay your subscription fee with your credit card, and you are all set.

Bet King Selection Secrets will email you Paul Fellows proven system for winning at betting horses. If you decide to subscribe in the next few days, Bet King Selection Secrets will also email you 2 free picks from Paul on a daily basis.

Bet King Selection Secrets is adamant that it is not a scam. Paul has put his full name and story on the front page of his website and taken steps to get testimonials from other bettors who have used his system to profit at the track.

Some of the best aspects of Bet King Selection Secrets

Ease of use: No complicated mathematics to learn and no software to install. The system will be easy to learn and you can start profiting from your subscription immediately.

Flexible: Paul's system can be used at any bookmaker and at any track in the world. It is not exclusive to horse racing in one or two markets.

Customer Service: Paul has subscribed to other betting services in the past and he wanted Bet King Selection Secrets to be a better experience for the customer. Bet King Selection Secrets has customer service agents that are ready and willing to answer any questions you have instead of just wanting to take your money.

Honesty: Paul admits his system does not result in wins in every race; he does not make wild claims. He openly admits that he works a regular job as a plasterer and even lists his full name and location prominently on Bet King Selection Secrets homepage:

Bet King Selection Secrets is not a get rich quick scheme but instead a reasonable way to consistently profit betting horses over the long term.

Bets every day: If you like action, Bet King Selection Secrets is for you. Bet King Selection Secrets averages 2 to 5 picks per day that are shared with subscribers, giving gamblers the opportunity for a sweat 7 days a week.

Limited membership: This is my favorite feature of Bet King Selection Secrets. Paul is limiting subscribers to a total of 40. Why is this important?

Because it ensures that the prices you get on Paul's picks will not change drastically. If Bet King Selection Secrets had hundreds or thousands of subscribers, every pick Paul made would have dramatically reduced odds by the time many subscribers made their bets resulting in far less profit.

Who would Benefit from a Subscription to Bet Kings Selection Secrets?

Anyone who enjoys gambling on, or just watching, the horses at the track could benefit from Bet King Selection Secrets.

Why not make a little money from your hobby instead of donating to your local track or sports book every week or two?

Everyone knows gambling is much more fun with the thrill of victory as opposed to the agony of defeat and Bet King Selection Secrets will help gamblers experience the former more often than the latter.

Does Bet Kings Selection Secrets Actually Work?

So far, Bet King Selection Secrets has been profitable for the inventor of the system, Alex, and Paul who is the owner and operator of Bet King Selection Secrets for many years.

The system has also been profitable for a test group of uses from Facebook over the span of about a year.

Why I Recommend a Bet Kings Selection Secrets Subscription

If you are tired of the scammers in the horse betting world, those who promise everything and deliver nothing, then it is time you considered subscribing to Bet King Selection Secrets.

Paul Fellows was a losing horse bettor before meeting Alex and eventually given his successful formula for betting horses.

Paul used to use the other websites you probably use now, but was never successful until following Alex's method.

Now, Paul is sharing that secret with you in the form of Bet King Selection Secrets. No scams and no wild claims, just consistent results.

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