Bet Win Repeat Reviews

Bet Win Repeat is a gambling service that provides both a betting strategy and match picks for Premier League Football (soccer in the United States).

The gambling service takes its name Bet Win Repeat from the strategy it advocates for betting on Premier League Football matches.

The concept is that the service will provide you with a pick for one of the earliest matches of the Premier League weekend usually occurring on a Friday evening or mid day on Saturday.

If that bet wins, then the process will be repeated with Bet Win Repeat sending you two picks for matches later in the day on Saturday for you to wage on using your winnings from the first wager of the weekend (the strategy of Bet Win Repeat calls for you to bank your initial wager amount after the first win to guarantee a no worse than neutral overall outcome for the week).

The concept of Bet Win Repeat calls for the user to make best 3 separate times (Friday evening or Saturday noon, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday), but only if the first bet of the weekend is a winner.

If the first bet loses, there are no more picks for the week and thus no “repeat”.

Who is the creator of Bet Win Repeat?

Craig Trent is the owner and operator of Bet Win Repeat and he created the Bet Win Repeat system to become a winning gambler on Premier League Football matches.

Craig created the Bet Win Repeat system in order to profit on Premier League football matches and has decided to share his system with interested customers.

What is included in the Bet Win Repeat program?

The Bet Win Repeat program includes Craig Trent's Premier League picks for each week, plus his recommendation for the amount of your profit you should cash out after the end of Saturday's betting.

Craig's will recommend cashing out less if he thinks his Sunday wager is particularly strong, thus allowing you to maximize your profits for the weekend.

The unique thing about Bet Win Repeat is that it not only offers the user picks for Premier League matches, but also serves as bankroll management for the user.

Since Craig advises starting with the same amount in play each week (he uses 50 euros or about $55 U.S.) and does not send additional picks if the first pick loses, your weekly losses are capped at a certain amount.

This is an extremely important skill for gamblers to learn as the temptation is to chase losses in an attempt to get even, which often leads to making poor wagers.

Craig Trent's Bet Win Repeat program preaches discipline when it comes to gambling, which is one reason why it stands out in the marketplace.

How does the Bet Win Repeat program work? Is Bet Win Repeat a Scam?

If you are interested in Bet Win Repeat, you can sign up for a 60 day trial for the price of 40 euros, or sign up for the rest of the Premier League season for 97 euros.

Once you are a Bet Win Repeat member, you will receive an email from Craig Trent each Friday detailing the first two rounds of bets for the week.

The first bet will be for your weekly stake (whatever set amount you choose) and if it loses, you do not place the second bet.

If the first bet wins, then you subtract your stake and split the winnings equally among the two bets Craig sends for the Sunday 3 p.m. games.

If at least one of the two bets in the second round wins, Craig will send a final bet via email that will also include his thoughts on what percentage of your winnings for the weekend you should wager on that final bet.

The program is not a scam, as Craig guarantees you will profit from following his Bet Win Repeat system after 6 weeks or he will give you your money back.

In addition to offering a money back guarantee, Craig actually lists his own email address on the company website ( and invites anyone, members or not, to contact him with questions about the Bet Win Repeat system.

The Internet is full of people claiming to be winning gamblers that are eager to sell their picks or their system, but very few of those people offer money back guarantees like Craig Trent does.

Here are the pros of the Bet Win Repeat System

  1. Bankroll Management- the system is designed so that you only lose money if the first bet loses, if it wins you will do no worse that break even
  2. Ease of Use- Craig sends an email with clear instructions each Friday, following the system is easy
  3. Money Back Guarantee- Craig stands behind his product, so if you don't make money following his system, you can receive your membership fees back
  4. Big Rewards with Minimal Risk- Craig's system often takes advantages of parlays and he's turned a single 50 euro bet in to over 2,000 euro in profit over one weekend. Despite the potential huge returns, the downside risk for a weekend is always just your initial stake.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Bet Win Repeat System?

If you are interested in gambling, or just love the Premier League, Craig Trent's Bet Win Repeat system is a great product for you to try.

If you already enjoy watching football, having a little money on the outcome of the matches will only increase your interest.

If you are an avid gambler looking for an edge, the Bet Win Repeat system will provide you with some of the sharpest picks of Premier League matches you can find.

There is nothing more exciting than watching your favorite team win, except when you get to watch your favorite team win and then go cash a winning ticket!

Does the Bet Win Repeat System work?

The Bet Win Repeat system works because of both Craig's knowledge of the Premier League and his dedication to conservative betting strategies.

The most you will ever lose in a weekend under the Bet Win Repeat system is your initial stake because Craig refuses to chase losses and instead works on his strategy for the following week.

When the Bet Win Repeat system wins however, you can make 10, 20, even 40 times your initial stake in just a weekend.

With this method, just one big week can leave a better in profit for months even if the bets go on a cold streak. The potential for huge profits is always there with Bet Win Repeat, but the potential for huge losses is not.


Given that Craig Trent stands behind Bet Win Repeat with a money back guarantee, I recommend avid gamblers and Premier League fans give his service a try.

Craig believes in his product and gambles in a responsible manner that has lead to long term success.

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