Betting Gods Review

Betting gods is a service that is primarily used for beginners betters online, and it is considered to be a tipster service.

This means that this service brings together expert tipsters in one place, and is a way to ensure that your bets have meaning behind them and that you are not simply betting blind.

Betting Gods Review

Before you can begin, however, you will want to decide which of the site's tipsters to use. There are many different betting services to choose from, all of which start at 1$ for 30 days.

The services available to choose from include but are not limited to: football, horse racing, golf, basketball, tennis, boxing, and more.

It should be noted that even though this type of service will greatly increase your odds of winning money, nothing is guaranteed.

All that this service is doing is provided expert opinions that will increase your chances of winning via betting. And even then, tipsters are only human and they can be wrong, and it is not a betting system that gives you an unfair advantage over anyone; it is simply there so you can get advice before placing a bet.

Betting Gods is a massive online community that thousands of betters receive tips from tipsters on for sports betting. This is a completely legitimate site that will increase your chances of placing successful bets, and you will receive tips daily.

Betting Gods is one of the best tipster services out there and has an excellent customer service department. The website is basic, and there are not a lot of gimmicks or pay-to-succeed mechanics that are involved; in short, you get what you pay for: nothing more, and nothing less.

There is a blog as well as an FAQ that allows you to see what they are all about, without needing to wade through a bunch of unnecessary information.

Upon signing up and looking through the website, one of the first things that you will want to do is look into the betting comparisons on the comparison page.

This is where you will see all of the available tipsters to choose from, and from here you can also pick which tipsters to follow to receive daily tips from.

There is a lot of information on this page, and looking it over before getting started in other areas of the site will give you the best information to get started.

Although there is a trial month of £1, the tipster also charges a monthly fee and is recommended by Betting Gods to charge between £20 and £40 for their monthly subscription. This is not a lot considering all that is offered.

Betting Gods has done very well for themselves, and there are a lot of profits that you have the capabilities of earning just for signing up.

With any type of investment, this can change, but for the foreseeable future, Betting Gods is only going to keep on going strong.

Considering how little it costs to sign up, you can rest easy that you can try the service out for relatively little risk involved; and the service is easy to cancel if you decide that it is not for you.

Who is Creator of Betting Gods?

Because of the type of program that it is, there is no single author or person behind Betting Gods; it is more of a community of tipsters that offer expert advice prior to your placing a bet on a certain sport or activity.

That said, if one person can be attributed to starting this program it would be Darren Moore; who is also the director of Geeky Bonus Malta Ltd.

His desire behind putting this service together was to give the beginner better a better chance of being successful in this field.

He seeks to make the tipping industry more transparent and genuine. He sees the need to have good customer service in a program such as this, and as such, there is a great customer service department with Betting Gods.

He claims that the best approach is to listen carefully to a tipster's advice rather than skipping bets. However, Moore has stated that he does not want to draw attention to himself for the success of Betting Gods and that it is the tipsters that keep the site running; and in sense, they are the lifeblood of the company.

What will you Learn from Betting Gods?

Betting Gods is not a service that you sign up for and are given books or pamphlets to get rich quick; what you learn from Betting Gods is how to interact with the tipsters available, take the information that they give you, and then apply that using your rational thinking and common sense when choosing bets.

While this is not a service that you learn a lot through lessons or books, after using the service repeatedly it has been reported that those who have analytical minds are able to see the trends and understand where their tipsters are coming from.

However, this is also a steep learning curve and you should follow the guidelines that are outlined and use the tipsters as they were meant to be used: for tips. They are experts in their fields and will have insider knowledge that you simply won't be able to know.

There are many different types of people who use Betting Gods, and not everyone uses it as a way to make money, or as an investment. Some people simply love the thrill of betting and enjoy the online community that Betting Gods provides.

What is Included in the Betting Gods Program?

At its core, Betting Gods is a tipster service. You can start out by choosing your preference from a range of tipsters across a multitude of available sports; however, you don't need to choose your favorite sports if you don't want to.

Because you are relying on an expert in their field, you can rest easy knowing that they know what they are doing. Tipsters are experts, after all.

You will want to follow the tips closely, as the tipsters can give you advice on a lot for their area of expertise. In addition to having access to tipsters and a newsletter, you are also given access to a blog on Betting Gods where you can read the latest sports news, upcoming events, and other features.

This is a great site where you feel like you belong to a community.

When you sign up for Betting Gods, you will receive advice twice a day that will enable you to place bets that have higher chances of yielding revenue.

You can participate as much as you want, and you will receive several letters through e-mail to make the most of your membership and investments into the betting industry.

The subscription for the program offers a free newsletter service, although you need to pay monthly to receive regular tips.

It is recommended to take advantage of their £1 trial month so that you can see what they are about, and all that they have to offer without spending too much time or money on it, especially if you decide that it is not for you. After the trial month, you will want to choose one tipster to sign up for.

Once the trial has ended and you are a regular monthly customer, there are a couple of ways to access tips. You can access tips through email, your account area, and in the Betting Gods application.

That is one of the great things about Betting Gods; there are many ways that you can access the tips and its all about choosing the way that is best suited for your needs.

How does Betting Gods Work?

Betting Gods is not a scam, but a legitimate company that has sponsored a number of different races and courses. This program has plenty of positive reviews by real people who have used it with success over the years.

Betting Gods works by giving you daily profit tips via email and connects you with dozens of tipsters that can advise you on which bets are safe to place, and what bets you should stay away from.

Although Betting Gods has a very small sign-up fee, it should be noted that you will also need to pay to receive regular tips.

After signing up, you then pick a tipster to work with; each one has the right to set up their own subscription fee for their services; the amount that you pay to Betting Gods should be looked at as a fee to access their tipsters.

While you can sign up for as many tipsters as you want, it should be noted that you need to place enough bets to cover their subscription costs. So, if you sign up for a lot of tipsters per month then you will need to place a lot of bets per month.


There is a lot to like about Betting Gods, and some of the features that I found to be extremely useful and just nice to have are:

  • The trial month is essentially free, as it only starts out at £1. Considering all that you get with this trial month, you can easily make that back in a couple of days.
  • After the trial, it is very easy to cancel the service if you decide that it is simply not for you.
  • There are plenty of tipsters to choose from, and from more than a couple of spots available.
  • You can bet as much or as little as you want, and a lot of people just bet for the thrills and are able to cover the monthly cost of the subscription and to pay their tipsters.
  • There is a massive online community that you have access to just for signing up, and you can connect with other betters

Does Betting Gods Work?

Betting Gods has been proven by experts to work, although it should be noted that not everyone will be successful while using this service.

It is best suited for those who have proven track records of being organized and can take advice while making rational judgments after receiving said advice. Self-control should be exercised, and you need to remember that you will always be winning as well as losing money in this industry, and that is just how it is.

This is a service that is extremely well-suited for those who look at sports betting as an investment, and one that is ever-changing; it should not be viewed as a full-time job, as that is when you start to make mistakes and lose serious cash. If you have common sense and are able to think rationally, then this can be a great program for you.

Betting Gods offers an easy to use system, with little effort on your part. It is a great service for novice, experts, and everything in-between.

There is no legwork on your end, and all that you have to do is sign up, choose your tipsters, and wait for the tips to start rolling in.

You can then decide on whether or not to act on those tips (although it is recommended that you listen to the tipsters, and act on most of the tips provided).

Using their app is a very easy way to do this, especially considering that almost everyone has a smartphone, and it is almost always on them.

It is up to you if you want to further increase your odds after receiving a tip by researching that tip on your own. As an example, if your tipster gives you a tip on a football game but you are not 100% sure about it, you are more than welcome to research the game more in-depth before placing a bet or deciding not to bed at all on the game.


Betting Gods has been very successful in making users and tipsters of the program very happy over the years. The tips that are provided generally are very useful, and the price for this service is very reasonable.

You can sign up for yourself without much risk of losing anything just for signing up. It should be noted however that you are not promised to make it big with this program; the tipsters simply help you along the way in your betting journey.

Betting Gods Download PDF

You have a much bigger chance of getting profits while using this service than you would by simply going off on your own.

It is very fast and easy to get started with Betting Gods, and I believe that the best way to see what they are all about is to try it for yourself, there is little to lose and a lot that could be gained just from signing up.

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