Cover The Draw Reviews

Cover the Draw is a football betting system that offers daily ACCA odds and tips to its subscribers. This system advocates for a draw possibility on an otherwise value team so as to increase the chances of winning in case things go south.

It works on the practical framework of risk minimization while rolling up short prices into one bigger payout.

This product offers daily odds that range from double & treble selections to any combination that pays overs 2.0 odds.

Cover the Draw is one of the renowned tipster services that do extensive research so as to provide its customers with the best of accumulator odds. The team only recommend matches with value odds that can be combined for a solid winning.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Cover the Draw system was developed by Robert Horbury; a celebrated tipster professional and entrepreneur. This sports genius uncovered the power of responsible gambling that has long been tarnished by the faint-hearted figures who regard football betting as a degenerate and unwise activity.

After developing this money-making system, the Author continued to educate newbies on how to actually realize high incomes from sports betting without losing large sums in the process.

What Is Included In the Program?

Cover the Draw system is a revolutionary betting scheme that maximizes the winning possibilities of a double chance market.

Instead of the typical ACCA with only two options; this program seeks to extend your winning potential to the last minutes of the extra time even if your team is on the receiving end. All you need to do is anticipate for a draw.

To sign up for the program; you can either choose one month-trial membership or a full-season version. Both these membership plans give you an opportunity to stake high and win big without necessarily running the risk of giving out your hard-earned money.

An ACCA bet will consist of either doubles, trebles or even 10 games on a busy day. In some cases, there will one bet per day.

Some days will have two bets depending on what’s available on the bookies. On such days with two or more bets, you can either choose to split the bets or place it as one for higher returns.

As far as the football betting industry is well-defined; there will always be games to bet for, however, not all such games can be worth the risk.

Certain teams are seasonal participants with ambiguous track records or performance and hence promises little as far as a win or draw is concern.

This means some days- 1 out of 10 will have fixtures either unsuitable or too risky to warrant a win. More often than not, there will be a 1 “no bet” day in every two weeks.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Payments are made only once within the stipulated membership period. This means you’ll not be offered anything else to purchase in the course of this period.

The 30-day trial goes for £20 while the full-season membership plan goes for £149. The decision to continue with the membership of this program once it expires is a sole decision of the member.

Bets are sent on the night prior to the game day; often 7 pm-10 pm depending on the game’s scheduled time. The betting teams can be from any leagues across the world with the top priorities given to UK football, Europe and finally the rest of the world.

A refund policy is also available that ensures you get what you really paid for. Upon successful purchase, you’ll be given 60-days to try out the service after which the refund policy becomes void.

With all these procedures and processes, it goes without saying that this program isn’t a scam. It’s a result-oriented system that utilizes the philosophies of gambling-mathematics and obeys the laws of probability.


  1. Low risk-bets with high chances of winning
  2. The program is pocket-friendly
  3. There’s a Full-fee refund policy
  4. Daily odds with consistent wins
  5. One time purchase with no obligation on membership renewal

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The typical sports betting is a win-lose situation. You either win or lose your cash. Football betting is one of the catalysts in the gambling industry; it has seen more traffic as compared to other sports.

This revelation has seen many sites come up with favourable markets that seek to boost the chances of winning. The double chance market is one good example.

Cover the Draw program is an ideal program for individuals who understand the sports-betting landscape. It’s best for punters who want to increase their chances of winning even if it means splitting the value odds.

If you’ve been using the double-chance market; you probably understand how this product works.

Does The Product Work?

Yes, it does! Cover the Draw program is an empirical money system that guarantees positive results in your bet history.

You don’t need to go for the outright wins just to maximize your stake when you can take a safer strategy and invest in the double chance market.

Remember when you lose, you lose the stake (your real money) and not the possible win (conceptualized amount). The vice versa is true when you win.

By choosing Cover the Draw, you minimize the risk and focus on the bigger picture- you choose to win the best you can instead of losing the little you have.


Football betting unlike the other forms of gambling has better regulatory laws and corporations that oversees its credibility. With such institutions and jurisprudence in place; everyone gets a fair and honest share of this venture.

That said, gambling comes with the uncertainty that can only be leveraged with sober techniques and self-discipline. The knowledge of the game may not be quite beneficial in the betting industry.

By keeping your greed at the very low and sticking to the plan with proper finesse; you can earn good money to supplement your income and pay off the bills.

Cover the Draw program is not a quick-fix program or some sort of schemes that foster overnight millionaires.

It’s a pragmatic system that’s subject to all the market privileges and detriments. It, however, delivers positive results with unmatched consistency.

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