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EFL Profits is a betting program designed with the aim of rescuing betting punters from incurring a repeated loss of bets. This program prevents people from taking chances when placing bets.

Every football gambler has the hope of increasing the amount of money they bet no matter how small the margin is. However, due to lack of proper strategies, the exact opposite happens. Some place a long list of multiple bets where one or two teams loses spoiling all the bet.

Such are some of the issues the EFL Profit addresses. It tries to minimise the chances of losing football bets by providing some tried and successful techniques.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The guy behind the creation of this betting program is James Redmond. The guy expounds on how he made thousands of Euros last season.

He will leave you wondering why you have allowed yourself to be exploited by betting companies by losing a lot of money to them.

Redmond says he came up with the program after applying the strategies for a whole season. This suggests it is something that has undergone proper testing before reaching you.

Redmond says he wanted to try it first to ascertain its reliability. He had a winning rate of 38% the previous season. This is a winning rate that can earn good profits.

What Is Included In The Program?

This program includes well-analyzed selections and a staking plan. This staking plan entails placing multiple bets within the same game instead of placing an accumulator. The selections could be goals, anytime scorer, half time/ full time winner, cards or corners in a game.

All the selections are well analysed to ensure there are little or no chances of losing a bet. The bets are from the championship, League One and League Two. These games have higher winning rates compared to the premier league.

The odds from these games are high which means your profits will be high. With the selections and the staking plan that you get with EFL Profits, you increase your chances of winning and also maximise on profits.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

EFL Profits focuses on giving staking plans and tips on English Football league teams for the 2018/2019 season. England football leagues attract a huge fan following which explains the program is designed with their focus only.

James waits for the season to get underway before giving tips. This makes it easy to predict the outcomes by understanding squad formation, injuries, and other factors that determine the results of a football game.

With this knowledge, the tips given will have high chances of winning. Most people place their bets without analysing these factors which makes them lose.

They will stake their bets based on the performance of a team in last season. What they don’t understand is that this is a new season with new players, managers, and some players have left which can change the strength of time.

A top performing team in the previous season can be poor in this season while a team that was on the verge of being relegated can be a top performer in this season. James understands this and carries out extensive research and analyses to ensure he gives the best tips.

The program’s main focus is on single bets. Instead of placing an accumulation and end up losing a bet because of one or two teams, James encourages punters to bet on a single team but in multiple selections like bookings, corners, goals, scorers and results in either half time or full time.

Again, EFL Profits doesn’t advocate staking on huge amounts of money. You can stake as low as £5 per selection and grow it to thousands. The point is small but consistent profits.

So, is EFL Profits a scam? Well, if you are not patient enough, you will see it as a scam. However, if you don’t place bets greedily with the aim of getting rich overnight, you will not see EFL Profits as a scam.

James, the creator, had a winning rate of 38% when using this program last season. However, he managed to do this gradually not overnight. So, is the program a scam? It all depends on how you well you follow the strategies and tips it gives.

List of Pros

  1. Reduced chances of losing bets
  2. Better odds for betting
  3. No extensive analysis during the betting
  4. Consistent profits
  5. Affordable plan

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

This program is ideal for punters who are patient when it comes to Football Betting. The product advice punters to avoid placing bets during the first weeks of the season.

It is hard to predict the outcomes at this time because there are no updates for injuries, the squads have not established themselves, and many other factors.

These factors determine the outcome of any game. Well, if you are serious about football betting and don’t have the time to research and do analysis, EFL Profits is ideal for you.

It will help you to avoid taking chances with your bets. However, you need to be patient. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Does The Product Work?

Football betting is all about proper money management. EFL Profits works for those that have mastered this skill and those that do not bet emotionally. You need to have realistic expectations to see that this program is working.

You need to understand that there are good and bad days in the betting world. The road is not always smooth. If you understand this, then this programs works.

It will help you make small but continuous profits. James Redmond had a winning rate of 38% in the last season when using it. This is proof that the EFL Profits works.


EFL Profits is a great product for the people in the football betting world. The program is offered at a high price and better still even comes with a money-back guarantee. There is no harm in trying it.

Two scenarios will occur if you try EFL Profits: either get your money back or go to the bank smiling. The latter has high chances of happening. Try it today and see your bank account grow fat gradually!

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