Power Place Tips Reviews

Most people in today’s world have gotten hang of how betting works. When initially it was a mere few people who could decipher the complexities involved, it was easier for them to make big bucks out of it.

Things have certainly changed now; with tips, techniques, and strategies it became possible for most to crack the code of patterns and win. However, in this situation too, the scarcity rule of economics applies.

With so much demand i.e. knowledge and awareness, prices were driven up i.e. winning became more difficult. Amidst this chaos, Power Place Tips acts as a savior and ensures that what you bet on is as fruitful as ever.

Imagine winning on every bet that you place in horse racing. Sounds utopian? But with this particular venture, the idea is very real. This tipping service is one of its kinds and is surely a premium service in the market.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The brain behind Power Place Tips is of Michael Ellerby. The best part about this betting service is that it is not your average tipping service based on theoretical knowledge.

The ides and tips are tried and tested by Micheal Ellerby himself; he has been in the horse racing business for long to understand the details that might not be visible to amateurs and the naked eye.

His practical experience in this domain makes him all the more credible to carry out such a unique service. Micheal Ellerby surely opened doors for a budding market.

What Is Included In The Program?

With promises to make profit every single day, one is most definitely compelled to start off with this program. The introductory offer can be purchased at £97.00 only for first 100 members.

Members after the first 100 will purchase the subscription at £260.00. As far as the first 100 members at Power Place Tips are concerned, they will make a one-time payment for the 12 months and acquire complete services.

However, the rest will be required to make an annual payment of a larger amount. If you feel that a 12 months subscription is too long of a commitment, you can avail a 60 days trial for £40 only.

Granted that you like the service, you can always move to the annual offer. The program at Power Place Tips includes a variety of attributes:

  1. The program will be run from Monday to Friday
  2. All bets will be communicated via email
  3. Once you get on board, you will receive an email each morning specifying the bets
  4. You need to keep into consideration that the place markets do not open till midmorning at most bookies
  5. You can use most bookies to place your bets

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions considering the nature of service Micheal Ellerby has decided to provide using Power Place Tips.

The scheme is a 100% genuine with no scams or hidden charges whatsoever. The payment methods are completely reliable such as VISA card, Master Card, Discovery card and etc.

It is also secured by McAfee Secure, Secure Payments, and Norton Secured. All in all, you do not need to worry about the authenticity of the venture whilst getting on board.

Personal experience of Micheal shows that his strike rate in horse racing boosted from a boost from 22% to a staggering 88%, simply by inculcating a small factor into his betting strategies.

Instead of backing horses to win the race, he started to back them up to obtain a place in the race. This strategy is known as the Place Betting and the ideology behind Power Place Tips revolves around it.

This includes the law of numbers and how a staggering profit is made because of it; the odds are reduced for a horse to finish at a certain place but you win so often that the losing odds no longer matter.

Low odds are bound to turn into much bigger returns. Keep a close analysis of the trebles, and all the horse needs to do is finish at the paid places; guaranteed money making plan.

Pros of Power Place Tips

  1. It is highly time-saving – helps in making more wagers than you would make otherwise
  2. You are most likely to make better picks
  3. Results have shown that profitability is largely boosted
  4. Easy access to a large variety of tips which may have otherwise remained hidden

Does The Program Work?

The best possible answer to this question comes from someone who has already been a part of this service. The reviews and customer satisfaction rate, so far, shows that Power Place Tips is indeed a successful betting service that has helped people in increasing the money they make out of betting.

For a layman, the rationale behind Micheal Ellerby’s strategy of the law of numbers using place betting pans out too.

Furthermore, this venture provides a 60 days money back guarantee which wouldn’t have been in place had the creator not been sure about his expertise.


There is no doubt in the fact that Power Place Tips is one of its kind services and indeed in en route to becoming a premium service in the industry.

However, it is essential to note that customers are largely driven by the outlook of the product and in this case the service.

Being an intangible product, the service cannot be showcased however presentation of the venture will surely impact the way betters perceive the service.

Professional website development should be one of the top priorities of the creator at this point in time.

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