Racing to Profit Reviews

Racing To Profit is a racing service that helps its members to win a horse racing bet through different ways, offers, and information like tips and stats packs. It is a member only platform for those who love anything that deals with horse racing.

To be a member, you would have to sign-up to the platform with $199 for a duration of six months, through Clickbank.

It also offers a 60 days full money back guarantee for anyone who is not fully satisfied with the service after the sixty days test period.

Who Is The Author Or Creator?

The creator of this product is Josh Wright. He is the master-mind behind all the tips and information provided in the club regarding horse racing.

And, he has been into horse racing since 2006 when he was just an eighteen years old college student. Of course, that could be considered as a living proof of his many years of expertise in the field.

He does a lot of statistical analysis to provide the best tips, and the members of his club usually enjoy a very fun and interesting experience with their bets.

What Is Included In The Program?

In Racing To Profit program, you will be able to access Josh Wright’s member’s daily post. This would provide you with an opportunity to know about the daily qualifiers that are against his “Trainer-Track Profiles: Jump-Stats” pack.

The qualifiers happen to be his system foundation. The good thing about that is, his followers were able to win as much as £1110 to a little £5 bets.

You would also be able to access his well-detailed up-to-date tips for placing and winning a bet. As well as his micro system test zone—where he tests for new trainer that could eventually be a winner.

How Does It Work? Is It Scam?

Once you have access to the member’s daily report after signing into Josh’s program, there are basically three sections in that blog. The tips section, the micro systems section, and the today’s stats/angles section.

In the Tips section, he posts tips on horses that he believes would win a particular race. The tips provide what the winning points of those horses would be.

He would also give well-detailed explanation based on his extensive and thorough research as to why the horses are being backed by him.

The provided information would allow the members to decide to either follow his backing when placing their bets or not. Furthermore, his tips are always between 15% and 25% win strike rate.

In the MicroSystems section, he posts horses that are qualifiers from the many researches he has conducted. It usually includes the main stay which are the monthly trainers and jumps handicappers, as well as those that are preserved for the cold winter months.

It is not necessary to back up all the qualifiers; you can also benefit from the research of their strike rates by utilizing them in your own analysis.

Though, it is not a bad idea to back them all up as they have been trained and researched upon for a period of 12 long months before they finally meet the qualifying range.

In the Today’s Stats/Angles, he posts details of horses that are interesting and might be potential qualifiers with time.

Note the might there; this is because they might not also meet up to that if he is not confidence enough to tip about them.

So, you should never consider the information and horses contained in this section as tips. They are just based on how he perceives the race and are not yet thoroughly analyzed.

The section is still in test, and with time, he hopes to be able to provide enough statistical evidence to back up the horses.

With all the above being said, we could see that this program is nothing close to a scam, but a very legitimate information and profiting system.

It is in fact so intriguing to realize how much one could benefit from it, and how horse racing could be this fun.

List of Pros

Below are the many advantages of website and the program itself:

  1. Access to a multitude of information about horse racing.
  2. An opportunity to enhance your knowledge about placing the right bets.
  3. With its profits and winning history, you have a better and more reliable chance at winning a bet.
  4. You will be able to meet and interact with a lot of like-minded people like you, which would make it a fun and engaging experience.
  5. The subscription fee is very reasonable. Imagine having to pay what wouldn’t be enough for a one-night dinner, for your weekly subscription. £119/24weeks (6 months) = £4.95 per week.
  6. 60 days full money back guarantee.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Race to Profit is for those who have a great interest for horse racing. It does not matter whether you are just new to the sport and the betting side of it that provides profit, or whether you are already an ace in it.

It benefits all equally without any challenges as all the information provided is very clear without any ambiguity, and they are very easy to comprehend.

It is also for you that are just looking for a community to network with like-minded people.

Does The Product Work?

The fact and proof that it does work can never be over emphasized. In fact, Anthony, Sternrubin, Golden Doyen, Bertie Boru, Carrigdhoun, Troika Steppes, are just a few of the people who won their bets using this programs tips.

I would repeat that, in this year alone, the member’s have won +222 points which is about £1110 to just £5 bets. And the creator himself won +150 points. If all of these are not a living proof that it does work? I wonder what is!


From my tone of writing, you must have noticed just how much I love this program. I would honestly recommend it because it has provided us with enough proof while answering all the necessary questions that would enable us to make a rightful decision.

With this review, we have also seen that it is a legitimate program without any intent to scam as the program provides enough transparency regarding the information on it, the program itself, and the creator as well.

Finally, there is nothing to lose in trying it out by the way, you can always get your money back if it does not satisfy your expectations enough.

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