Backward Bets Reviews

Backward Bets is gaining a lot of popularity among seasoned betters and armatures and newbies alike. But what exactly is this system all about and what are the facts behind it?

The backward Bets is a system designed to help punters win bets in horse racing. This system takes away from these bet-lovers all the headache of speculating the most likely horse to win a race.

In a nutshell, once you enroll as a member of this fraternity you simply have to follow some simple instructions and voila, you sit back and watch as the profits rake into your bank account.

With this system, all your concerns about the history of specific horses and their riders as well as how well or poorly they performed in the past is neither here nor there.

What matters is simply trusting the brains behind the system and following the instructions to the letter. Doing so greatly increases your chances of hitting it right and heading to the bank with a generous smile on your face.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

With such a promise it’s only sensible to want to know who the brains behind this system are. Are they credible people with a history in betting more so in horse race betting or are they pretenders to the throne with little to show about horse racing?

The facts speak for themselves. This system is the brainchild of four people. Three are ardent horse race betting enthusiasts and one is an expert in Computer Science. Who are these people and what makes their team credible or not?

Gavin Whitehall from Bristol, UK has been a keen and committed punter since when he was 18 years old. To add a feather to his cap he comes from a family of betting enthusiasts with a history spanning several generations.

His other colleague is a childhood friend Ron Partridge with whom they’ve shared an obsession with horse racing since their days in school.

At the age of 16, he was working at a local stable over the weekends and that is where he first met another member of this team David Cooper.

David has a compelling history as a former trainer with an almost limitless list of industry contacts which puts him in good stead when it comes to knowing the horse racing business. Incidentally, even David’s fourth wife is a sister to a renowned jockey.

The other member of the team is Ryan a Computer Science guy with a keen interest and superb knowledge in developing algorithms. This knowledge, as we shall see, plays a crucial role in increasing the accuracy of predicting betting results.

What Is Included In The Program?

Once you enroll the rest is easy. There are no downloads to make, eBooks to read or complicated computations to do. You just need to sign up with your email then make the necessary payments and you are set to start using the system to place your horse racing bets.

The authors of the system do much of the work behind the scenes and as we shall see in the next section the systems work in a very easy and convenient way.

The program comes with some three years of the creators’ daily selection of potential winners and promises a possibility of up to 80% accuracy level.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

This program operates through your email address and gives vital information that has been distilled from the findings of intense background research.

Each morning the authors of the system make their calculated selections of the winning horses using the Backwards Bet method.

To arrive at these selections is no simple task. Gavin, Ron, and David each make their individual selections then come together to compare their picks. From these picks, they agree upon the most promising bets and make these their preliminary selections.

With these preliminary selections, the team works backward by comparing the selections against historical data and any other essential statistics.

They then use a system developed by Ryan, thanks to his proficiency in Computer Science, to further refine the selections using algorithms developed by this computing expert to check the validity of their final picks.

It is the refined selection that is sent to you via email on a daily basis. Once you see the emails your job is simple. Just place these bets online or at your local bookmakers then sit back and watch as profits flow in automatically.

Whether it’s a scam or not is clear to any informed observer. The rigorous process of selecting and refining the best bets is far from being fraudulent.

It takes the mental aptitude of three horse race enthusiasts and a computer whiz to come up with these potential winners.

In any case, the system has been in place for close to two years now and nothing scandalous worth noting has been posted about this system.


  1. Is one of the easiest ways to make money online
  2. No downloads to make
  3. Very easy to use you just need to place the bets as predicted by the Backward Bets team and watch as your profits roll in.
  4. Even a complete newbie can use this system to bet with a high degree of accuracy
  5. Reasonable pricing
  6. 100% total refund guarantee in case you find the program ineffective or a scam.
  7. Instant online access via your personal email
  8. You can use the system as long as you have any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet etc) that can open your email account and betting site.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

This system is ideal for anyone who wants one of the easiest ways to make money online. In addition, punters whether seasoned or beginners will find this to be a great time, and effort-saving program that they can trust for its high degree of accuracy and sustainable true predictions.

Does The Product Work?

Yes, the Backward Bets system works. The authors give it a success rate of 80% thanks to the multi-level refinement of predictions and the accuracy injected by Ryan’s algorithms. An increasing number of people is turning to this system and giving it thumbs up for its high level of accuracy and enticing profits it’s directing to their banks.

For such an online program to survive two years of constant scrutiny by punters and the not-so-friendly competition is further proof that this system really does what it promises to do; give punters a remarkably higher probability of backing the right horse.


The Backward Bets System is revolutionizing how horse race betting is being done. You no longer have to spend long hours trying to study the horses and their jockeys in order to try and predict how they perform in a race.

In fact, you don’t even need to know much or even anything for you to make money from horse race betting. What you need is to have access to the highly valuable information released by the Backward Bets team every morning.

With this info, you’ll almost certainly be on your way to winning the race against time and make more money faster than you ever thought possible.

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