Football Lay Tips Reviews

Do not buy Football Lay Tips until you read our honest review. Is it totally scam? Does it work? Discover the truth behind the system.

Sport, mostly football, is liked by many. Watching football matches and supporting your favorite team will always captivate you.

Football Lay Tips Reviews

However, did you know that you can actually make a living by just predicting the outcomes of these football matches?


First of all, FOOTBALL LAY TIPS is professional sports betting entity that helps its users to make real money out of betting.

It shows you a simple way how you can make a consistent income for yourself. They use a range of statistics from different websites to form a guide for you, which will go a long way in helping you to make the right decisions while placing your bets.


Football lay tips was created by Jonathan Fox, who is also a professional sport better, just like you would like to be. He does betting as a full-time job and has been doing this since 2012.

This means that he has enough experience in the betting sector. One thing to note about him is that he has worked and helped people by teaching them how to earn good money through betting.

Therefore, it is right to say that he has ample knowledge of betting.


So one might ask, how does the program work? The program is based on Betfair. For those who have had the opportunity to interact with Betfair, you know that when you place a bet, you are betting against other punters, rather than against the bookmaker.

You, therefore, place the bet playing the role of the bookmaker, placing the bet against an outcome from happening. Let's try and put that in an example.

If there is a match between team X and team Y, and we place a lay bet on team X, we are basically predicting that team X will not be winning.

This means that if the match ends in a draw or team Y wins, we have won the bet. To ensure that it does not get dangerous, football lay tips tries to keep the odds as low as possible, therefore minimizing the risk of losses.


When you decide to work with football lay tips, you are just required to sit down at the comfort of your home, workplace, or wherever you might be and follow the simple instructions by placing the bets when they send them to you.

You do not have to go researching for head to head matches or history of the teams playing; they will do all that for you.

When selections are released, they send an email to you, and you place the bets. Then you go about your day’s business as usual and wait for your account balance to rise.


Associating yourself with football lay tips has several advantages. They include

To place a bet with them, you don't need to have a Betfair account. They will use their account to place the lay bets and give you backs your dues.

Also, you do not have to be a professional in the betting industry. They are welcoming to all. You will be able to earn consistently by just trusting them and placing your stakes.

They are very affordable. You do not have to break your bank to have them place a bet for you. You can even stake with as low as 2 pounds.

Therefore, you can build your way up to huge stakes from very little. However, you need to know that the more you stake with them, the more profit you will make.

They also have a variety of leagues for you. This includes la Liga, premier league, Serie A, and Bundesliga. Therefore, they have many games to bet on at their disposal.

They average at least two games per day. Therefore, a steady income is guaranteed. The weekends will the busiest time of the week, as there are so many games played during this time.

To add on that, they send the selections in time, mostly the night before or in the morning, when the game will be played.

They will always try and send them at least twelve hours before the game is played. You will, therefore, have enough time at your disposal to place the bets.

They have a money-back guarantee, where you can try them for sixty days risk-free. Therefore, if you feel like their products and selections are not the right ones for you within the sixty days, you can raise your concerns to them, and they will refund you fully.


Football lay tips is for anyone. It does not matter if you have had bad past experience in betting or do not know anything about betting at all. All you need to do is choose between their two options. These are

  1. A three-month service which will only cost you forty-five pounds.
  2. There is also a seventy-seven pounds package that runs until the end of a football season. (This is up to July 2020 for the current season. It also includes the upcoming European champions).

This should not worry you, as you will be able to make back your money plus profit after placing several bets.

To start working with them, they recommend a bank balanced of at least two hundred pounds. The amount you start with will directly be proportional to the profit you get.

You can start with as much as possible, which will also maximize your earnings. For example, since the start of the last footballing season, members who have used twenty-pound stakes made at least 7168 pounds. Those who had staked with fifty had at least 18'068 pounds. Impressive, isn't it?

As we have seen, football lay tips is a simple way through which you can be able to make money from your favorite sport, football.

Their inclusivity policy is welcoming to everyone, professionals, and non-professionals. In addition, they provide full email sport to all of their members, ensuring you a smooth and secure betting experience.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with them and watch your balance rise after placing a bet within three minutes! They are the best!

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