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It is more than safe to say that football is the most popular sport in the whole world. From local children’s tournaments to the Football Wide Cup celebrated every four years, there is no age range or country that’s free from the bug of football.

There is a whole industry around the world of Football that moves millions and millions of dollars every year, and we are not only talking about equipment or the cost of the “market” where clubs buy and sell players before the starting of every season.

Bets are also an important part for the world of football. Fans like betting who is going to be the winner, no matter the importance of the tournament. Even the most trivial, smallest tournaments are susceptible of falling into the betting world. And that is what this article is about, actually.

Everything that involves a money transaction, and especially if it’s online, raises many concerns about the security of your money. There is always the doubt whether the betting side we have chosen is a scam or not.

What is Football Winner?

Football Winner ( is one of the largest betting online tipsters of the United Kingdom. They aim to give advice to people on how to place their bets to avoid losing all.

Most often than not, bettors are wrongly guided by their tipsters, which makes it impossible to beat bookies and make some profit. Moreover, if a bettor is constantly losing against bookies is probably because they are betting in the wrong market.

Football Winner aims to give informed and professional advice on bets in order to help their clients take the most out of their bets.

What Can You Do with Football Winner?

The bookies are a business just like any other, and their main objective is to increase their benefits and please the shareholders. Unconsciously, you are helping to increase their benefits with your wrong bets.

Football Winner claims to help you learn to decide which bets would maximize your benefits, instead of those of the bookies.


They have got a team of experts that are constantly analyzing the odds, the types of bets you can choose from and which are the ones you should pick to make the highest profit.

The kind of bet you choose is very important no one has ever told you about. Making the right choice on this regard can increase incredibly your chances of winning.

And Football Winner is going to be there for you. You just need to contact the team or read the numerous informative posts available at their web page.

What does it offer to you?

Thanks to their extremely professional and informed advice, you can make around £2000 by just betting £10, while if you bet £100 you can win a prize of over £21.000.

Moreover, it offers you an ROI of 26.6%

Is It a Scam? Why you should trust Football Winner

Football Winner focuses only on winning bets and tries to guide users through the betting process in order to increase their benefits.

They offer only honest bet tips based on their experience and a careful and deep study of the industry, the odds, and all the factors that can influence in a bet result.

They aim to prove that football bet can be as profitable as horse race bets. Football Winner thinks that is more important to know which bets to avoid that which to choose, and they work for sharing the knowledge with their clients.

Who is behind Football Winner?

Football Winner was founded in May 2018, but although this is from recent creation, the wide experience of its founder gives it enough credit. Steve Hudson founded this bet tipster site in order to help bettors increase their benefits.

He worked for four years as a professional bet tipster for AccaTipster, one of the leading companies of the football services industry. Moreover, before that, he gained a wide experience after 11 years of betting himself.

Advantages of Choosing Football Winner

There are many reasons why this site is one of the best, most effective online tipsters now. Here you have some examples:

  1. Wide experience. The internet is full of people talking nonsense about everything. The wide experience of the founder of this site is a good point for following his tips.
  2. Reliability. Since it was founded in May 2018, the page has not registered losing months, which are a great proof of the effectiveness of these tips.
  3. Great support. Football Winner makes sure you receive your money within 60 days.
  4. Customer support. They are always available for users to solve their doubts.
  5. Increase benefits. They can make you highly increase your benefits by telling you where and how to bet exactly.

Who Can Use Football Winner?

It is true that there are some real experts in betting who are actually making a living out of it. But betting, when not important amounts, can be very entertaining even for amateur better, or just people who like doing it from time to time.

Football Winner offers betting advice to everyone, no matter the degree of expertise in the field they have, making to possible for those who are new to the world to make a profit of it, even if it's very reduced.

They use a friendly language, free of technicians, which make it perfect for beginners of the industry. Moreover, their different approach to bets can become a great source of information for experts (or at least bettors with a medium-level degree of knowledge) to improve their betting technique.

Does It Really Work?

The statistics gathered since its founding are very positive for this relatively new tipster. They have recorded a winning tendency for nine months on a row, and a win rate of 63%.

This data is proof enough by itself to state that the tips offered by this tipster are more than efficient and bring results, something that can’t be said about all tipster out there.


Whenever you are going to play with money it’s essential to be very informed and well guided in order to make it profitable.

According to the results shown by this site and considering the wide experience on betting of its founder, it is safe to say that this is a reliable site to follow, no matter if you are completely new to the world, or already have some experience, as there’s always something new to learn, and room for improvement.

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