Pro Race Consultants Reviews

Pro Race Consultants is a professional, betting consultancy based in the UK that specializes in providing precise track side insights with regards to horse racing.

Its headquarters are located in Cambridge but the company has roots in Bristol, Birmingham, Lancaster and throughout the United Kingdom.

Fueled by the drive to save the masses from losing their hard-earned money at the hands of second-tier tipsters, this company aims to provide consistent tips that actually work without needing the client to pay through the nose.

Who is the Author or Creator?

Patrick Jacobson is the brains behind the organization having started the company a little over 14 years ago with his brother David who has since passed away.

The inseparable pair grew up working their aunt’s stables so Jacobson was well acquainted with horses from a young age which provided the requisite foundations for a successful career in the consultancy business.

During the company’s maiden years, Patrick only provided his expertise to family and friends given his then humble team and race selections but as of 2011, he opened the doors to new members and increased the staff and number of events analyzed.

So far the team he has assembled includes Martin Fisher, a charming member always in the loop on rumbles and secrets in the racing world, Steve Wilcox, their point guy in north tasked with collecting essential data every day and new member Scott Michaels who started following the bookies since before he could walk.

Brothers Rodney and Tony Harris complete this well-oiled lineup chipping in their extensive knowledge and passion that spans a number of family generations.

What is Included in the Program?

The program is simple yet fairly comprehensive and once you sign up, you’ll receive daily emails each morning containing the day’s pick of the bunch.

These selections are drawn directly from on-field data obtained from the analysis of track conditions and insider information which are all then filtered through a team of experienced professionals to establish accuracy.

At the end of thorough double checking, you’ll receive almost certain bets before you wake up.

Going by member statistics, you stand to make about £13,000 each month which sums up to more than £160,000 each year.

How does it Work? Is it a scam?

You, first of all, need to sign up on the company’s official website but the process is straightforward and will only take you a couple of seconds.

You'll be directed to a simple two-table portal where you'll be required to only fill in your name and e-mail address and what’s left to do after that is pay a one-term payment of £29.99 that will earn you a lifetime membership. This paves the way for the next vital question which is: Is it a scam?

The answer to that is a firm no as there aren’t any red flags you should be worried about. In fact, there are a couple of green lights that cement their credibility the most important of which is their partnership with global retailer Click Bank who never work with potentially scrupulous organizations.

From the results point of view, members also have nothing but kind words for the outcomes of predictions which means Pro Race Consultants are undoubtedly on the right track.


  1. There is a 60-day money back guarantee safety net so you have absolutely nothing to lose.
  2. Pro Race Consultants has the backing of reputable internet retailer ClickBank which says a lot about their credibility.
  3. You get thoroughly analyzed tips based on hard evidence and data collected on the ground.
  4. Regular tips at a fraction of what you’d pay for the same services with other companies.
  5. There are no constant, strenuous monthly fees that you need to pay as the one-time subscription fee is the only charge you have to cater for.

These benefits outlined above set this betting consultancy head and shoulders above the rest.

Who is the ideal candidate for Pro Race Consultants?

Whether you are a novice who doesn’t know a thing about horses or an experienced better who knows his stuff, Pro Race Consultants has something for anyone with a slight interest in this fast-paced game.

Even for those devoid of any love for horses and races but still looking just to make a quick buck, this is still the right company for you as they do all the hard work only to provide you with the selections you should make to ensure success.

In a nutshell, their services are suited for all who meet the minimum legal betting age. If you regularly fall prey to clueless advisors who get it wrong more often than not, then you are the ideal candidate for this product.

Does the product work?

The answer to that is a firm yes. According to a sample of its members, Pro Race Consultants are perfectly spot on.

User Sandra Marshall from Glasgow attests to averaging £3,000 each week with another fulfilled member Stan Beton from Dover ascertaining to having made close to half a million pounds in the three years since he joined the club.

Matt Parker from Norwich also holds a similar story of triumph and he perfectly sums up the company’s prowess quite satisfactorily in one word: Excellent!

Be sure to sign up fast as the company only takes in 50 new members every three years so move fast before this window of opportunity closes!


Trustworthy bet advisors are hard to come by and that’s exactly what Pro Race Consultants are: an advisor you can trust to point you in the direction of winnings.

So if you are tired of getting tips from faceless tipsters on the interwebs who rarely get anything right, then you need to sign up with the company straight away.

They have a nice team of experts behind them and if the countless positive reviews they’ve gotten in the past few years are anything to go by, they seldom, if ever, miss the mark.

If you want to on the right side of the wagers, Pro Race Consultants is your best bet.

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