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Punters United is,at it's heart, a Racing Tipster service. members are able to follow the advice of industry experts and consequently restore the balance between bookmaker and punter.

Bookmakers have access to statistical information and other data that they use to set the odds so that they are in favor of the bookmaker.

They are in some ways competing with the punter who until now has attempted to beat those odds alone. By allowing the average punter to have access to tips from professional gamblers who have a wide knowledge, it goes some way to redressing the balance.

They are now the No 1 Racing Tipster service in the UK. The system they have created is supported by the latest British technology that has an algorithm that helps the members even up the odds with the bookies.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The network was set up by Dr. John Frederick, a former doctor turned professional gambler, with two co-founders, David Robertson, and Dan Richter. Doctor Frederick managed to accumulate winnings of over £204,867,00 in a year.

What Is Included In Punters United?

Paying a one-time-fee results in members receiving daily tips by email. There are no recurring charges and they claim that if you follow their instructions your membership will start by making at least £4,000 this week – Guaranteed.

Every day they deliver horse racing tips for every single race in the Uk, at all meetings. As a member you are being advised by expert tipsters who have years of experience, producing excellent results.

The most reassuring thing is that all bets are backed financially by a pro, so if they lose they lose their own money as well.

The business is based on a simple concept, where members pool together their inside information, racing knowhow, and strategies to create a huge pool of data.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

How does it work?

Betting is all about numbers really, in the end everything is brought down to numbers so odds can be worked out. In these numbers a margin is calculated which will be the bookmakers profit.

Assuming the numbers always work out the bookmaker will always come away with a profit. The numbers are worked out on the assumption that on the most part punters are working alone and will make bad bets. A lack of discipline and reckless betting results in a nice profit for the bookmaker.

Punters United steps in and a large number of punters start following the tips of professional disciplined gamblers and this turns the situation around and gives the punters a fairer chance.

Oh there will still be lots of random punters who will bet the way they have always done, and lose the way they have always done and those works in Punter United's favor.

The final piece of the jigsaw is the technology behind the company. There is a British built technology and algorithm that makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to process member data.

  • They have had winners in the members network of odds of 50/1
  • In their selection of the days best bets they have a strike rate of 80%
  • Punters United are now the #1 Racing Tipster Service
  • A fantastic 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The best minds in the Racing Industry are involved
  • Get better results than you would have had you gone to the meeting
  • Every meeting in the UK and Ireland is covered
  • You can access full support 7 days a week

Is it a scam?

Judging by results received to date and reviews from regular users the system seems to work. The guaranteed winnings of £4,000 for the first week is very impressive as is the sixty day money back guarantee.

I have no hesitation in saying This is NOT a scam.

List of Good Points

  1. Simplicity of the scheme
  2. Price Point
  3. Various Guarantees
  4. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  5. No Recurring Charges
  6. Performance Statistics Provided

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Punters United?

This product is best suited for a gambler who sees this as an investment, who can discipline themselves to try and stick to the tips provided and not over extend themselves.

By following the guidance of the experts and the collective wisdom the punter is empowered and the odds are made more favorable. By ignoring the tips and betting the old way then this advantage is lost.

You do not need to know much about horse racing or betting for that matter, in order to take advantage of this service.

As long as you can be organised, read and use the tips and stay disciplined you can make a part time business from this. Regard it as just another work from home scheme, but do be aware that there is always a risk with gambling.

Does Punters United Work?

The only way you can establish if something works is to look at the numbers provided. I cannot verify the numbers myself but I think Punters Unites would be very foolish to publish these easily verifiable figures if untrue.

Strike Rate Average Profit

August 2019 84.64% +48.02 points

July 2019 87.32% +41.56 points

June 2019 82.33% +42.57 points

May 2019 80.39% +44.52 points

April 2019 83.46& +48.22 points

March 2019 88.46% +43.22 points


If tackled the right way I see this as yet another opportunity for working and making money at home. By sticking to the system punters are going to win in the long-term and by careful management of this business the individual can thrive.

However i see a risk that some people will decide they can do better and ignore the daily tips provided. This undermines the whole system and puts the bookmaker back in control.

So I ask potential buyers to take a look at themselves and asses if they can treat this as a business and not an excuse for gambling.

For those who can see and understand the difference I heartily endorse this product and suggest that you should seriously consider buying it.

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