Racer Sharp formula Reviews

Racer Sharp formula is a racing bet-tipping service provider. Developed by one of the most experienced betting experts, the formula claims to offer pin point precision as well as accuracy tips to you when making your selections on a given race.

In fact, the formula's tagline goes “the master of precision tipping”. It makes you 80.5% sure of winning! That translates to the following winning rates;

1. If you place level bets of £10, you get to make a £1,965 profit in just 60 days.
2. Placing £25 level bets yields £4912.59 profit in 60 days.
3. £50 level bets leads to £9825 profits.

The developer also claims to have odds of up to 5/1. This is ostensibly a great deal. However, the tips aren't applicable on all races as that would induce a lot of risks. Let's now take a look at the author.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

He goes by the name Timothy ” Tim” Sharpe. He's got a lot of experience in the betting field. He places bets, but with odds not less than 1.5.

Timothy claims to hate losers and believes that he can help them win, using the Racer Sharp formula he developed.

He also takes time to study the bets before placing them. At one point, Timothy says that he once realized that some tipsters take just 5 minutes to come up with a betting tip and he HATES that as it doesn't make sense at all.

Lastly about the developer of this formula, he actually sells his tips to those who are serious about being tired of losing.

What Is Included In The Program?

A lot of things are included. They're not just ordinary, but amazing deals. Have a look at them below.

1. The odds aren't just based on favorites. So? There are odds of as high as 5/1. There's evidence that some who use the formula have even won on 6.0 odds.

2. As earlier stated, the author doesn't place his bets on odds that are less than 1.5. So does the formula operate. It doesn't put up with odds that are less than 1.5.

3. Tips from the Racer Sharp formula are 80.5 % sure. This is based on the past tips experiences.

4. There are thresholds of cash per period of time that rhyme with specified sure profits. For example, a a £10 bet in 60 days assures you of £1,965 profit.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

√ The formula works simply in a few steps.

i). The first thing is signing up to RacerSharp. It isn't an obligation to have a betting account as you can also use the betting exchange platforms.

ii). Pay some little cash (as priced by the developer) to get a 60-day access to the expert tips each day.

iii). Receive daily emails with the expert tips.

iv). Make use of this exclusive tip-off to place bets/a bet on the winning horse.

v). Sit back and see the huge influx of cash from the bookies into your account.


For long, Timothy has been selling his tips to a number of gamblers. Statistics from the gamblers' winning history are what were used to come up with the 80.1% accuracy of the formula.

Furthermore, Timothy himself uses the formula to place his own bets, and wins. Reviews for this formula also verifies that it is no way a scam.

Therefore, this is a legitimate and working formula, which has been proved by a number of people in the past, and is still working.


There are a myriad advantages of using the Racer Sharp formula. Take a look at the major ones.

i). The tips are provided by an experienced gambler in the racing field, based on proper research within sufficient time.

ii). The developer of the formula himself uses it to place his bets. This enhances trust.

iii). The minimum odds provided are 1.5 and the maximum is 5. This is meritorious. The odds we are always used to in tips are far much less than these.

iv). The 80.5% accuracy of the odds is arrived at after averaging the past numbers of won and lost bets. This is a reliable inference. There are many tipping companies and/or individuals who declares that their tips are 100% accurate just to attract the gamblers, but based on no statistics.

v). The tips are mailed to the subscriber daily, for 60 days, at extremely affordable prices and at a good time ~ usually before the offs (9:30 am GMT).

vi). The formula doesn't restrict you to a specific threshold of bet amounts. It leaves you free, and the developer even advises that you start with a small amount that you can afford to lose. This is encouragement of responsible betting ~ something uncommon with tipsters.

vii). There's a favorable refund policy attached.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The candidate is any gambler who's tired of losing bets, ready to pay “something small” for tips on racing bets, and can bet regularly to recover his cash. Suffice to say, everyone, if not most of us are ready to do this.

Does The Product Work?

Based on the logical facts, customers' reviews, provable statistics, multitudinous pros, and any other verifiable fact, this product really works.

The percentage accuracy and the fact that the developer of the formula himself is involved enhances this.


There are countless tipping services outside there. We both grok that most of them aren't genuine, based on the fact that some of their marketing stories aren't logical and winning is also like an uphill battle using their tips.

They concentrate more on mining money from their subscribers, than helping them get some. Avoiding them isn't the only solution, but joining the Racer Sharp formula is.

This is one of the few trustworthy tipping companies around. It guarantees over 80% winning probability. That is just enough to grow your betting bank to unthinkable levels.

It also offers you great deals of services, like daily tips, a refund policy, and many more.

Racer Sharp: Precision Tipping Service.

Good luck pals!

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