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The lucky landlord is an online platform that offers betting tips to its sport loving members. The site's objective is to give its clients betting tips that will help them win big realist cash on weekly basis.

It gives an achievable target of 1000 pounds per week. It is not a get quick platform it only uses sports secrets to ensure its clients win consistently week after week and do their office work as usual or whatever they do.

It can be done as a side hustle to supplement your income. The platform is simply an online site that offers honest tips to its customers to ensure they consistently make at least 1000 pounds on weekly basis on sport betting and various betting methods.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The lucky Landlord is run by Dave Evans a pub landlord at Leicestershire hence the name “The Lucky Landlord”. Dave is an ordinary person just like me and you.

He is a father and a husband just like any ordinary man but when it comes to betting he is not just an ordinary man.

With over 15 years of betting since his under 18 age Dave has learned the secret behind betting despite him being lucky.

He won his first bet on his 18th birthday by using his dad's birthday present to him as the stake and have been winning betting in almost all through until he came up with the idea of sharing his idea with the world.

People could come from within his locality and even outside to seek his luck tips. As a horse race lover his luck in betting attracted many guests from the racecourse which in fact increased his knowledge about the game and could still win even when there was no guest from the racecourse all through the whole month. The demand for Dave's tips

grew gradually, his pub was now too tiny to hold the population that came there to grab some bottles of beer as well as to get betting tips from the Lucky pub Landlord.

The increased growth in number of phone calls even in late hours of the night gave Dave the idea of setting up an online platform which the clients could get the tips and win as he won too. This was the time The Lucky Landlord platform was set up.

The increased need for system update and maintenance Led Dave to introduce a one time registration fee to cater for the maintenance not even for his needs but off course its a career to him he gets a small amount in addition to the money he wins through betting as well.

Dave is an honest person, he will not promise to make you a millionaire like other scams have but will offer you honest tips which he himself use to win and will make sure you win at least 1000 pounds on weekly basis as he does too.

What Is Included In The Program?

The lucky landlord offers you nothing but betting tips direct from the “Lucky Landlord of Leicester” Dave Evans. The platform offers tips for betting in almost all sports from his favorite horse racing, Football, cricket among many other amazing sports.

All sports are given equal unique tips to ensure that Dave covers everyone not necessarily Horse Race lovers. Maybe you are a golf lover or even a casino lover then The Lucky Landlord is the right place for you to get consistently winning tips in your sport.

Make some money out of that sport you spend time watching in stadiums or on TV and still keep your usual job. The platform only requires you to pay a small one time registration fee of 29.99 Pounds and you will start making your 1000 pounds per week like other already existing members.

The money like I said before ensure you get an updated platform which ensures the tips get to you on time and are consistent which ensures you are always winning for as long as Dave will be betting, of course he isn't quitting anytime soon, betting is his career that caters for his needs and those of his family.

You can be sure you will get a sustainable side income which will go far in clearing your bills and paying your debts if any.

Since the site is not yet fully grown to host a large number of people, Dave restricts the number of registration to a manageable number, a number that can afford to maintain the platform and ensure his friends you and I get a sustainable source of golden betting tips to ensure there is continued winning.

This is because Dave also bets so he does not depend on a high number of people on the site to make his income. For this reason I would advise you to register now that there are slots still open for registration before the number gets to the Limit and you are locked out.

Be part of the winning team just by investing 29.99 pounds which could earn you 1000 pounds weeks for years. You could be lucky and find when the 10 pounds discount is on and you get a chance to join the platform with as little as 19.99 pounds. What a great deal from an honest man Dave. Join the team today and start winning.

How Does It Work?

The platform is as simple as registering and starting winning. Dave have done the hard work on your behalf with his tried and tested unique method, he gives you the shortcut because he believes no money comes without handwork and with his skills he has dedicated his time for that so that you and I can have an easy time.

All you do is register, pay the registration fee and start receiving daily betting tips and start making 1000 pounds per week just like Dave and other members.

The platform allows payments through card either MasterCard or Visa card whichever is easier for you. You will pay exactly 29.99 pounds or 19.99 pounds if you are lucky to get the discount no hidden fees.

Your card information is safe with Dave because the system have integrated security features to ensure your information is safe. Its that simple register today, start getting the daily tips and start winning.

Is It a Scam?

Definitely no, with all the above information you can tell that the site is an honest one run by an honest man who feels fun sharing the skills he has to help you also be part of his winning.

Dave could have used his unique method secretly and not tell anyone, with this me and you could not get the chance to access such Golden betting winning tips.

The platform has a 60 days refund policy thanks to ClickBank's 60 days money back guarantee policy. The site allows you two risk free months, if you feel betting is not your thing or you are not making the promised 1000 pounds per week, The Lucky Landlord will refund the entire 29.99 pounds back to you.

This distinguishes it from the common scams which take your money and offer not even a one day refund guarantee.

Prove that the platform is honest and working is from the customers reviews from satisfied customers which can be accessed on the site.

List of Pros

  • The platform unlike scam sites offers you a 60 days money back guarantee enforced by ClickBank.
  • The tips are offered directly from the experienced site Founder Dave Evans
  • The site only requires one lifetime registration unlike other sites which have monthly or annual subscription.
  • The lucky Landlord will not stuff your email with spam messages, it will only share daily tips and other important messages which can as well be accessed through the online platform after you log in, thus you can unsubscribe from the emails and still get the tips and important information.
  • They platform exercises total transparency in all its transactions with you, you pay what is written on the advert or on the site no hidden fees.
  • The platform is easy to navigate and requires no previous knowledge on tip provider companies or sites.
  • Your information is safe from attackers as opposed to certain sites which are prone to attacks due to poor development and maintenance.
  • The platform is sustainable as long as Dave earns from betting you and I will also earn from it making him committed to getting accurate tips because they affect him too.
  • The lucky Landlord is the unique, honest and most reliable site to get tips for as a sports lover who would like to make money out of your favorite sport.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The lucky Landlord is idea only for intelligent, down-to-earth individuals who would love to make money out of any sport.

Its not for people looking for get rich-quick schemes but solely for honest people who want to benefit from Dave's unique method and still keep doing what they do until it gets to a points they are making what can sustain them and their families.

The method is not for daydreamers who want to get rich overnight and become millionaires.

Does The Product Work?

It is no doubt that The Lucky Landlord is the most working betting tips platform. With positive reviews from satisfied customers on site you can easily tell its working with no doubt.

Because it has made Dave who he is today it could as well grow your earnings to cover your bills and leave the income for saving.


I will definitely ask everyone who is honest like Dave and has love for sports to register on the site and start receiving the tips daily and start making money out of the sport.

Lets make that money. Visit the platform and register to be part of the deal.

It is obvious that The Lucky Landlord as we have seen is the best site to get betting tips, consistent and with high accuracy on results predictions which guarantees winning.

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