The Win Oracle Reviews

The product called The Win Oracle is a software betting program that uses algorithms and various formulas to predict winners and losers in horse betting.

An effective product that successfully does so is a highly coveted item. This would be the equivalent of counting cards while playing blackjack or having a genius stockbroker guiding you through investment techniques.

The creator of this software is big fan of the “Matrix” movies and the character in the movies named The Oracle was a computer software program that predicted the future much like a fortune teller.

The knowledge and wisdom of this computer program assisted the protagonists of the story to reach their goals and be successful.

The Win Oracle Program is also a software program that also predicts outcomes and treats it's users as Neo or the “special one”.

Part of the perks of being Neo from “The Matrix” is having access to such accurate and coveted information.

Users of the Win Oracle can live like kings and bet like all knowing wizards as it does give the privilege of additional knowledge and knowledge is power.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The author and creator of this software is a computer programmer named William Foster. He is a horse betting enthusiast and MIT graduate.

WIlliam grew tired of the lost wagers and bets on his horse betting hobbies and recognized the disingenuous vulture like practices of betting gurus and scammers.

After working in Europe on perfecting computer code and software development for investment purposes, he had a realization to apply certain coding strategies to a horse betting program to help those lost in the world of sports gambling.

William grew tired of the typical 9-5 job and returned home to launch this successful business venture and to do the passion he loved.

He has a passion for horse racing and for helping people. Launching revenge against the bookies and horse gambling world is not his motivation, but many of those shrewd shady characters have it coming in regards to losing customers.

What Is Included In The Program?

The Win Oracle includes a host of features and support for your sports betting endeavors. The actual premiere computer program is the main feature and the meat and potatoes of the offer.

Customers will receive 4-8 winning tips everyday, which is more than enough for most betters. Valuable selections that yields large returns, lifetime membership and access to inside information, the ability to withdraw profits, 24/7 customer support, and free bets are features of the package.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee for extra reassurance and peace of mind. The incentive of much risk being removed from horse betting and this program paying for itself and more in no time are added benefits of The Win Oracle software.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Win Oracle program works using information and historical data to form algorithms that predict future outcomes.

This computer technology is similar to those that predicts the weather or stock market variations.

For example the win and loss records of the horses and jockeys, performances and different tracks, weather conditions, the competition, health, the humidity, the location of the track, and a host of other related issues to the outcome of the races are calculated and analyzed until a prediction is conjured.

These predictions are incredibly accurate and is like having a meeting room full of military intelligence officers calculating the next best move for you.

The Win Oracle software is your entire cabinet and you are the President. There are a plethora of scammers and con-artists out there trying to take advantage of unsuspecting betters but this program is not one of them.

William Foster is an honest man with a legitimate product that can help many.

List of Good Points / Pros

There are more pros or good points to this program than any potential perceived negatives. The benefits are truly impressive and seems to be something at least worth trying for most betters.

Some of the incentives and pros of the program are following.

  1. More cost effective than hiring tipsters and gurus
  2. Proven effective algorithm from a MIT graduate computer programmer
  3. Successful track record and positive reviews
  4. Opportunity to make tons of money
  5. Enhance your fun and pleasure from horse racing
  6. Increase your social circle with your supreme betting knowledge
  7. 60 day money back guarantee
  8. Free Bets
  9. 24/7 customer support and lifetime access

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Some people bet on horse racing for fun and some do it for financial gain much like any other form of gambling.

The ideal candidate for this product is horse race betters of all backgrounds, skill levels, social classes, and financial wealth.

The casual better that doesn't bet often to the weekend warrior that bets weekly, to the hardcore enthusiast that travels the world watching premiere horse races.

New comers and seasoned veterans that want an edge and to utilize a valuable tool will be ideal candidates for this product.

Even consumers who are unfamiliar with horse racing or sports betting could take advantage of The Win Oracle as learning it may be the catalyst to develop an interest in the hobby.

For some this hobby develops into a full time profession.

Does The Product Name Work?

This product uses concepts of formulas and algorithms in computer programming that the government, media, large corporations, military, scientists, and other professionals use.

The outcomes are as good as the data that is input and this product has a track record of success already. There is a plethora of positive user reviews and verification of predictions becoming reality with this product. It is effective and a valuable tool to assist next time at the horse races.


The recommendation is to give this The Win Oracle a try. It is like having a personal adviser attached to your hip giving you the insider expert information to make decisions.

It's affordable, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, has great positive reviews, is transparent and makes perfect sense. This item is highly recommended and enjoy your future earnings with the The Win Oracle.

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